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Shelby Hagman
14820 162nd CT SE Renton, WA 98059


Software Professional with over 15 years experience creating solutions and proof of concepts. I work on tooling and dive into improving the software I use on a daily basis by contributing to open source projects. I enjoy taking a new piece of technology and seeing where it could fit within various stacks and pipelines.



JavaScript, Node, C/C++, C#, .NET, Shell scripting, Lua, Python


Twilio, AWS, Azure, Git, Docker, React, Redux, Webpack


Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect Professional - Aug 2021
Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect Associate - Mar 2021
Amazon Web Services Developer Associate - Jan 2021
Amazon Web Services Cloud Practitioner - Nov 2020
Twilio Platform and Flex Certification - Mar 2021


Lync's UC Web API - How to Bring Lync to your Customers across Devices!
Lync Conference 2014
Mar 18, 2014



Lead Software Engineer / Perficient, Renton WA

Leading group in effort to document/improve internal tooling used for deploying Twilio projects. Tools cover core services and are able to push/pull configuration data (JSON) and move them between Twilio projects. Prioritizing backlog of improvements and delivering content on usage patterns for the tools.

Working on a small team responsible for developing reusable platform between client projects including concerns such as coding style, repository structure, automated deployment via Azure Pipelines to Twilio/AWS. Group is responsible for building proof-of-concepts and sharing demos/knowledge cross-team.

Provide monthly training content via developer sessions and presentations to bring group up to speed on emerging technologies and tools. Create tooling (internal/open source) and developer containers to aid in the onboarding process for the group.

JUNE 2017 – DECEMBER 2019

Senior Software Engineer / Perficient, Renton WA

Working on a small team to deliver Cloud Interactive Voice Response system responsible for integrating service providers into our cloud-based platform and handling any necessary data translations.

JULY 2016 – JUNE 2017

Consultant / Clarity Consulting, Seattle WA

Provided telecommunications expertise to expand product features and functionality to consume newly released APIs.

Took initiative to turn client-side library into a modular set of libraries each with their own unit testing and documentation.

NOVEMBER 2015 – JULY 2016

Consultant / Self-Employed, Renton WA

Simplified multi-step live JavaScript SDK sample creation into script creation and deployment pipeline allowing in-house developers to focus on content demos instead of HTML/CSS/JavaScript frameworks.

Create automation framework to simplify testing of a web SDK’s features allowing testers to easily compose scenarios and receive validation feedback per test run.

JUNE 2011 – JULY 2015

Consultant / Clarity Consulting, Chicago IL

Researched and designed a solution to allow cross-domain communication via HTML5's postMessage for a telecommunications Web API and set of helper libraries with usage documentation. This small project turned into repeat contracts for continued expertise with their API over a 2 year span as well as articles and a conference presentation.

JANUARY 2006 – MAY 2011

Software Developer / VGT Inc., Charlottesville VA

Took ownership of client-side implementation of regulatory compliance libraries including documentation, testing, and providing expertise when diagnosing field issues.

Worked with lead developer to address issues that developers/QA could not reproduce certain hardware issues without damaging devices. We created a hardware simulator capable of reproducing those issues and reducing our device replacements needs.


University of Nevada, Reno
Reno, NV
2001 - 2005
Bachelors of Science
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Mathematics