TypeScript JavaScript Shell

☁️ CLI tool to run Twilio Functions locally for development

Contributions - Report issue(s) and various fixes and enhancements.


TSQL Lua C++ C Python Makefile

Server emulator for FFXI

Contributions - Report issue(s), fix compiler warnings/errors (msvc/gcc/clang), build and pipeline tools (docker, travis, appveyor), and other enhancements.


C++ Batchfile

FFXI Server Emulator Boot Loader -- Launches client without PlayOnline.

Contributions - Remove deprecated winsock2 methods, fix compiler warnings/errors (msvc) and move from Win32 thread calls to std::thread.


TypeScript JavaScript Other

Packages related to building a Twilio Flex Plugin

Contributions - Report issue(s) and add support for API Key/Secret.


JavaScript Batchfile

Twilio CLI plugin to work with Serverless

Contributions - Report issue(s)